EP 10: André Duarte: How AirCourts has changed the landscape of sports in Portugal

Andre Duarte founder of AirCourts

André Duarte is a software engineer, and also the founder of Portugal’s biggest sports booking app; AirCourts.

Sports Technology has come leaps and bounds, and André has been a significant part of this revolution in his country of Portugal.

AirCourts App designIn episode 10 of the Sportageous Podcast, we chatted to him about the founding of AirCourts, and what it was like being a start-up founder, where he shared his journey from working 9-5 and launching the platform.

He also talks about his successes as a solo-founder, and how far AirCourts has come since they launched.

We discuss the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo promoting AirCourts one day, and maybe even featuring on this podcast.

André also elaborates on the SportsTech scene in Europe, and how they are in the works to collaborate with similar platforms around the country.The AirCourts team

AirCourts is a multi-faceted business that provides sports clubs with a platform to have its sports venues booked and enables sports enthusiasts to book a venue to play their favourite sport.

The three largest sports on AirCourts are football, padel and tennis. However, the platform offers various other sports venues like basketball as well

André’s story is one to not miss, especially for sports entrepreneurs and business owners.

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You can get in touch with AirCourts on their website.

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