EP 8: Brampton Premier league: How Mickey’s love for Cricket led to the birth of a cricket league in Canada

Brampton Premier League logo Canada

Mickey Malhotra, founder of the Brampton Premier League (BPL) is a man on a mission. His love for cricket has taken him around the world to play in various cricketing leagues.Batter in the Brampton Premier league

His new focus though has been providing players in Canada with the opportunity to play cricket in the freezing cold Canadian winters!

In 2017 he launched the BPL, an indoor cricket league in the Brampton area in Toronto.

Arslan Ahmad, the star bowler of the Bangladesh Premier League

Mickey discusses a range of different challenges and successes that he has faced with the BPL in this episode of The Sportageous Podcast.

From major issues such as the lack of funding to grow the BPL, to finding some fantastic players such as Arsalan Ahmed, and the support he has received from the local community.

A batter gets out in the Brampton Premier League

This is an episode not to miss!

Especially, if you love cricket.

Even more so, if you want to hear about cricket in Canada, where South Asian and Carribean immigrants have come together to light up cricket!

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