EP 6: How AI is changing the face of sport: GAMEFACE.AI (Jalal Shaik)

GAMEFACE.AI logoArtificial intelligence and sports analysis? Machine learning is changing how we do medicine, art, and media. GAMEFACE.AI is bringing analytics to the sport, as we’ve never seen it before! As sports is no exception to this rule.

In this episode of the Sportageous Podcast, Jalal Shaik, co-founder of GAMEFACE.AI, talks about how his exciting and innovative startup is bringing accurate and efficient analysis to sports such as football and cricket.

In cricket, their technology is able to track the line, length and speed of deliveries. With applications for cricket analysis, historical data and much more!

With football, GAMEFACE.AI can track players heat maps, determine where they spend their time on the pitch and provide accurate tactical data.

Next year, they will be announcing collaborations with several big sporting teams and clubs.

However, you too can access GAMEFACE.AI And all you need is the software and a standard camera to solve all your sporting analytics.


GAMEFACE.AI will perform instant video footage analysis to bring you key events and insights from the match. Track every aspect of the match for any sport, including goals, assists, players, passing patterns and ball possessions.

Using machine learning and computer vision, we track player movement, patterns and actions in the context of the game, giving you actionable insights to make the best offensive and defensive decisions in every game scenario.

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