EP 1 – Podcast – The ‘World’s Toughest’ Cycling Race: Tour De Khunjerab – Ismail Saeed

Tune in to hear about how pro-cyclist, Ismail Saeed hopes to bring his two beloved nations, Australia and Pakistan, together on a cycling spectacle filled with music, culture, dancing and most importantly, height: Tour de Khunjerab
Ismail Saeed cycling at the tour de khunjerab
His cycling journey has taken him from Islamabad to Brisbane and back to the highest border in the world, the Khunjerab Pass where the final leg of the Tour de Khunjerab takes place.
Ismail Saeed is ready to take on a challenge to the ‘World’s Toughest’ cycling race and back. In this podcast, he discusses his life as an architect by day and a professional cyclist by night.
He then goes onto tell us about how he has always represented Pakistan in cycling, in spite of living in Australia, but now wants to take an Australian team, as the lead representative, to Pakistan.
Ismail shares a range of stories about the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, the food and culture of the region, and the way they all turn up to support the cyclists in droves.
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