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Anti Ordinary: Rob Joseph on the beanie that becomes a helmet!

When it comes to snow sports, there are many innovations that we have seen over the past few years. With the advance of technology, many will argue that the difference Anti Ordinary will be bringing to skiing and snowboarding is second to none! Rob Joseph is the co-founder of a company that does exactly as the title says. Helmets can be frustrating to wear when you’re trying to get your best out on the snow, and with this new invention, a slick Kickstarter campaign, and solid leaders, Anti Ordinary’s beanie is changing all of that.

Simon Taufel: The Man, The Cricket Umpire (Five-Time ICC Umpire of the Year) and The Author

Simon Taufel may have been voted ICC Umpire of the year, a record 5 times, but in this candid podcast, you come to learn about his life after cricket, life away from cricket and much more! He tells us about who he is as a person, a family man and a human being. We discuss everything about what he’s been up to since he called it quits on his umpiring career, and also the launch of his new book, ‘Finding the Gaps’, which is now available in Australia, the UK and New Zealand.

Geoff Wilson – Sports marketing expert, FIFA/UEFA/AFC/FIBA consultant

Geoff Wilson talks about and discusses sports strategy. What it is, what goes on behind the scenes to engage fans and what is done to make their experience better.  He also expands on how digital growth is changing fan experience and the need of the hour is to develop new strategies to engage fans. Geoff expands upon his own sports consultancy firm and how he has had the opportunity to devise sports strategies for a range of sports including football, basketball and MMA. He also shares his experience on the social impacts of sports and how it can help the youth on the streets to stay away from crime. 

Owais Shah – Former English International Cricketer & Current Coach of Rajshahi Royals (Bangladesh Premier League)

Former English cricket international and recently the coach of the Rajshahi Royals, who were successful in winning the Bangladesh Premier League, Owais Shah features on this episode of the Sportageous Podcast. Owais tells us about his journey from being a kid who played on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan, to showing his prowess to, and playing for, Middlesex, and eventually representing England in every single format from his youth to taking up a stint as the coach for the Rajshahi Royals. He covers a range of topics, such as being a British Asian in English cricket to the differences in playing the 3 formats of cricket and the advice given to him by Australian head coach, Justin Langer, in their early days as players.

Shannan Gove – CoFounder of Rosterfy

Shannon Gove, Co-Founder of Event Workforce Group and Rosterfy chats with Sportageous about how two sports management students saw the lack of opportunities for other students in their field and ended up creating a business. A few years down the line, and with a new sports platform, Shannon and his co-founder Bennett Merriman, are working with the likes of Tough Mudder, the Super Bowl, the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2020. More recently though, they have branched out to areas much broader than sports management such as the Dubai World Expo 2020. Shannon shares his struggles and successes with running not just one, but two large organisations, and having to manage startups that have grown rapidly while elaborating on the launch of Rosterfy 2.0. If you want to learn from some of the best in the business in Australia, who have branched out to 15 countries, including, but not limited to, the USA and the UAE, check out this episode!

Mohammed Arif – Formerly England & Wales Cricket Board 3 Decades in cricket, from the ECB, to cricket coaching and the growth of tape-ball

Mohammed Arif has been playing, promoting and driving the sport of cricket for over 3 decades. He has previously worked for the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) as their National Growth Manager for Diverse Communities. Arif is also a tape-ball cricket enthusiast and avidly promotes the game around the UK and also in other parts of the world. He works closely with an organisation called Chance to Shine as a Community Cricket Coach, inspiring the young generation on the streets to play the game. We sat down to chat with Mohammad Arif about his career, tape-ball cricket and his decades of work in the sport!

Andre Duarte, Founder & CEO of AirCourts

In this episode of the Sportageous Podcast, Andre Duarte, founder of AirCourts, chats with us about how his sports booking platform has made life easy for anybody and everybody interested in booking a court, field or pitch for numerous sports in Portugal. He tells us about his journey as a SportsTech founder, how his business requires two completely different streams to be functioning successfully at the same time, and what could happen if Cristiano Ronaldo got onboard for AirCourts. We cover everything in this incredible story about how technology can build bridges and enable professional and amateur athletes, along with local sporting clubs, to easily provide and find a means to easily book their evening football, tennis or padel game. And also chat about the European SportsTech market.

Tanzim Alam of Middleground & Knightwatchman Sports

The past, present and future of Bangladesh Cricket – Tanzim Alam

In this episode of the Sportageous Podcast, we chat with Tanzim Alam of Knightwatchmen Sports and the Boys in the Cave Podcast about a range of things cricket; cricket in Australia, Bangladesh Cricket (both domestic and international), domestic Bangladeshi-Australian cricketers, Shakib Al Hasan and his ban, and spirituality and sports, amongst several other things! Don’t miss this episode if you like anything cricket, and in particular, Bangladesh cricket.

Mickey Malhotra – Founder of Brampton Premier League

How his love for Cricket led to the birth of a league in Canada

Mickey Malhotra has played senior-level cricket around the world, in places like Oman, India, Australia, New Zealand and of course, his home country, Canada. Despite the lack of opportunities, funding and support in Canada, Mickey’s love, passion and dedication for the game led to the foundation of the Brampton Premier League. An Indoor tournament in the winter months in Canada that brings across the summer teams to play on astroturf and keep the game of cricket alive! Mickey chats to us about cricket around the world, how his experiences in playing the great game have enabled him to set up the Brampton Premier League, and the young talents that are found in the sport in Canada. This is a story of grit, determination and sheer passion for the sport!

Edward Van Gils – Founder of Street Kings

Edward Van Gils is the man who took street football to the mainstream. A tattooed street footballer, with a Hip-hop swagger about him, whose love for the game saved him from a life of crime. You can be forgiven for considering him to be an enigma. However, he is anything but! In this episode of the Sportageous Podcast, we chat to Edward about his street footballing career, his experiences working with the likes of Ronaldinho, Gilberto Silva, Kevin Kuranyi and Juan Pablo, and what it’s been like for him to feature in FIFA 2020s Volta. Edward Van Gils has dedicated his life to two things: street football, and empowering the marginalised youth. Streetkings was founded by Edward in 2010 and now consists of clinics in over 25 locations across the world. This candid discussion with Edward covers everything from street football, 11-a-side football, American hip-hop culture, critiques of the media industry, working with the youth, football skills and techniques and of course Edward’s life from the streets to the mainstage.

Jalal Sheikh – Founder of Gameface AI

How AI is changing the face of sport

Artificial intelligence and sports analysis? Machine learning is changing how we do medicine, art, and media. Sports is no exception to this rule. GAMEFACE.AI is bringing analytics to sport, as we’ve never seen it before! In this episode of the Sportageous Podcast, Jalal Shaik, founder of GAMEFACE.AI, talks about how his exciting and innovative startup is bringing accurate and efficient analysis to sports such as football and cricket. Next year, they will be announcing collaborations with several big sporting teams and clubs. However, you too can access GAMEFACE.AI And all you need is the software and a standard camera to solve all your sporting analytics.

Simon Hill – Fox Sports Commentator

Fox Sports commentary, Manchester City & football in Australia/UK

This episode of the Sportageous Podcast features Fox Sports Australia commentator, Simon Hill. If you want to hear about football (soccer) in all its glory from a man who has spent his life in the game, this is the podcast for you! Simon is a Brit, who has lived in Australia for 16 years. He has covered football for the BBC and Fox Sports. With this, come many fascinating perspectives of Simon’s career as a sports presenter and commentator. A life-long Manchester City supporter and a huge advocate for the league that he loves, the A-League, Simon talks to us about the differences in footballing culture in Australia and the UK, the Socceroos rising stars, how the A-league needs more investment, and of course, various topics on the English Premier League (this podcast was recorded prior to the sacking of Unai Emery, from Arsenal, and only two games after Jose Mourinho took charge at Tottenham, but there are some fascinating insights into Emery’s potential successor and the Spurs under Mourinho).

William Ferguson – Founder of Wylas Timing

Revolutionising swim meets

Founder of Wylas Timing, William Ferguson sat down with us to talk about running a SportsTech business, the Sports industry in Australia and how his product has radically changed swimming around the world. He talks about the successes and struggles of running a start-up that now sells in 13 different countries on 4 different continents, and shares some of his personal experiences as a software engineer who ended up in the SportTech space.

Kyra Condie – Pro-climber

Reckless Abandon!

Pro-climber, Kyra Condie features in this episode of the Sportageous Podcast, with host, Zushan Hashmi. Kyra is often called ‘Reckless Abandon’ by sport climbing commentators for her willingness to take risks while climbing. In this episode, Kyra talks about how she started her climbing journey in Minnesota, what her career has on the horizon, and how she is preparing to qualify for the Olympics. Kyra also tells us about her favourite Netflix show, and what she enjoys watching.

Sierra Blair-Coyle – Pro-climber

All things climbing

Pro-climber, Kyra Condie features in this episode of the Sportageous Podcast, with host, Zushan Hashmi. Kyra is often called ‘Reckless Abandon’ by sport climbing commentators for her willingness to take risks while climbing. In this episode, Kyra talks about how she started her climbing journey in Minnesota, what her career has on the horizon, and how she is preparing to qualify for the Olympics. Kyra also tells us about her favourite Netflix show, and what she enjoys watching.

Ismail Saeed – Pro-cyclist The ‘World’s Toughest’ Cycling Race: Tour De Khunjerab

Pro-cyclist, Ismail Saeed features in the first Sportageous Podcast with host, Zushan Hashmi.

Ismail is an architect by day, and a cyclist by ‘early morning’, morning, afternoon and night. His cycling journey has taken him from Islamabad to Brisbane and back to the highest border in the world, the Khunjerab Pass! In this podcast, Ismail discusses how he manages his life as a business owner, architect and cyclist, while elaborating on his cycling career, and his cycling aspirations in 2020, including Pakistan’s new Annual cycling event – The Tour De Khunjareb. At an elevation of 4500m, this is no easy place to be, for a professional cyclist, let alone an ordinary person hiking up the hills!

Tune in to hear about how Ismail hopes to bring his two beloved nations, Australia and Pakistan, together on a cycling spectacle filled with music, culture, dancing and most importantly, height!