EP 5: Simon Hill – Fox Sports, Manchester City & football culture

Simon Hill with co-host of his podcast and Phil Moss
Simon Hill (R) with his Daniel Garb (L), his podcast host, and FC Australia President, Phil Moss

This episode of the Sportageous Podcast features Fox Sports Australia commentator, Simon Hill.

Simon is a Brit, who has lived in Australia for 16 years. He has covered football for the BBC and Fox Sports

And also previously covering big cricketing events as well such as the Ashes.

With this, come many fascinating perspectives of Simon’s career as a sports presenter and commentator.

A life-long Manchester City supporter and a huge advocate for the league that he loves, the A-League.

Simon chats about a range of different things in the podcast, from the cultural and stylistic differences of football in Australia and the UK, how the weather and climate play a role in the differences in the sport and why Australians should care more about the A-League

Moreover, he goes on to discuss the rising stars of Socceroos, such as Daniel Azari, who currently plays for Celtic FC in Scotland.

The discussion then takes a turn towards the lack of funding in the A-league and how this impacts its competitiveness in the sports market-share in Australia.

Simon also talks about his love for Manchester City, the growth of the Manchester rivalry in the English Premier League.

If you want to hear about football (soccer) in all its glory from a man who has spent his life in the game, this is the podcast for you!

This podcast was recorded prior to the sacking of Unai Emery, from Arsenal, and only two games after Jose Mourinho took charge at Tottenham, but there are some fascinating insights into Emery’s potential successor and the Spurs under Mourinho).

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